How To Choose Which Presidential Candidate To Vote For

Here we go, it’s an election year! This of course means it’s that time when all we hear are perpetual discussions about healthcare, the national deficit, and how states like South Carolina and Idaho are “so important.” As a citizen, it’s a stressful period, as there is a lot of pressure to pick the best … Continue reading

How To Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

People say it can’t be done. Yes it can. Bake a cake. Don’t tell a single person that you have baked a cake. Eat the cake. Cow Tips! *Bake a cake. *Just eat it.

How To Talk Knowledgably About A Show You Have Never Watched

Look, everyone’s got a million things to do. Hence, when your friends/family all encourage you to watch a TV show they’re into, you may really want to, but it’s not always possible to get to it immediately. Eventually, their incessant nagging and pseudo-threatening declarations such as “If you don’t watch XYZ, seriously, I may kill … Continue reading

How To Write A Love Letter To The Girl You Have A Crush On

At some point, everyone meets that girl that makes their knees knock and their heart soar.  If it’s not your mom, you should put your feelings to paper and let her know how you feel! If it is your mom, you should flee to Thebes and hope for the best.  Take out a pen and … Continue reading

How To Create A Free E-mail Account

Before the internet was invented in 2009, many individuals defined their worth in terms of their property ownership. With the dawn of new forms of communication came a new currency of prestige: e-mail accounts.  In order to maximize the number of e-mail accounts that you have access to, it’s important to keep costs down. Stop … Continue reading

How To Write a Five Paragraph Essay

What do Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffett have in common? They all attribute their success to their mastery of the form known as the “Five Paragraph Essay.”  Thomas Jefferson was once quoted as saying “If you must learn only one skill. Learn how to bolster an argument with three strong body … Continue reading

How To Be A Good Kisser

For a lot of people kissing just comes naturally. Obviously that isn’t the case for you. Stop just closing your eyes and moving your head in slow motion toward your own face in a mirror, it’s unhealthy and will lead to weird masturbating habits. Freshen your breath. You will need multiple packs of Listerine Pocket Pack … Continue reading

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