How To Create A Free E-mail Account

Before the internet was invented in 2009, many individuals defined their worth in terms of their property ownership. With the dawn of new forms of communication came a new currency of prestige: e-mail accounts.  In order to maximize the number of e-mail accounts that you have access to, it’s important to keep costs down. Stop paying too much for electronic mail! Find out how to create an e-mail account for no cost and in under 30 seconds!

  1. Choose the right service. First impressions are everything and many people will completely ignore your e-correspondence based entirely on the characters that appear after the @.  Different services attract different customers so make sure to choose one that projects the image you want. is a niche service with a lot of potential but is largely seen as a a refuge for a particularly e-sexually e-adventurous subset of the e-general e-population.  More traditional services such as or are available for business accounts.
  2. Pick the right username.  A common mistake for newcomers to the e-landscape is to choose a username that contains their last name and at least their first initial. It is not necessary to identify yourself via the username, that is what the salutation and the signature is for!  Use the opportunity of a username to tell others a little something about yourself. A great formula for creating the perfect username is adjective+favorite musical group+home state+gurl/boi+random number. For example .
  3. Secure potential backup e-mails. Sure. Right now your name is Harry and you think suits you just fine. But your status in life may change; you may become a father, a community leader, or even a political candidate. You don’t want to attempt to secure a new address only to find out that has already been taken! Take this time to secure all the alternate addresses that you can think of.  Start with at least 80 substitute addresses and make sure to sign up for a new one as soon as you think of the idea.
  4. Setup your auto signature.  Most e-mail services allow you to fill out a signature that will be attached to every e-mail you send to save you the nuisance of typing the same thing 100’s of times per day. This is where you should include your full name, including middle name, baptismal name, xbox live gamertag, and any common nicknames. Also be sure to include a pithy statement that let’s your contacts see your sense of humor! Choose something topical but also timeless because you will likely forget how to change your signature within one week of signing up. Anything related to Rick Santorum is probably a good choice.
  5. Send your first e-mail. If you have kids, send them all an e-mail with a funny link that someone at work showed you with a kitten being raised by a monkey or something. If you don’t have kids, pick a celebrity and try to guess what their e-mail address is. Make sure to include a reference to how many time’s you’ve seen each of their movies.
Cow Tips!
*If your username is already taken add “xxx” to either end. For example
*When sending e-mails, make sure to bcc as many people as possible. No one wants to miss out on your newest find from

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