How To Write A Love Letter To The Girl You Have A Crush On

At some point, everyone meets that girl that makes their knees knock and their heart soar.  If it’s not your mom, you should put your feelings to paper and let her know how you feel! If it is your mom, you should flee to Thebes and hope for the best. 

  1. Take out a pen and paper If you hadn’t already done this prior to coming to this site please get out. Just get out.
  2. Start with a description of how long you have been in love with her. In the modern era, with an ever changing technological landscape, everlasting love and consistency is more desirable than ever. If a girl isn’t sure that you will stay with her forever the first time she meets you, she might not give you a second look.  Make sure to mention what she was wearing the first time you saw her, and the date and time your eyes first met the back of her head.
  3. Be humble. Nobody likes a cocky bad boy. Heap on massive portions of self effacement. Scientists have determined that the most effective phrases include “I know you could never love me”  and “even though I’m an ugly nerd.” The top phrase was “you’ve probably never even noticed me.”
  4. Focus on her body parts. The reality is that the girl of your dreams has most likely spent her entire life without having anyone comment on her physical beauty! Rather than make her feel like a plain Jane by telling her how much you enjoy being around her, focus on specific body parts. Don’t be economical with your descriptions of things you want to do with them or do inside of them. You don’t want to objectify her so mention that you would love to separate her soul from her body. That way she knows that while you think she is beautiful, you love her spirit equally.
  5. Deliver the message in person. If you leave the note in her locker, or on her desk, some other shlub could step in and take all the credit. If you are physically hiding insider her locker or desk it will show that you are spontaneous and have a goofy sense of humor.
  6. Include a thoughtful gift. Every wants to know that they are loved so include a “just thinking of you!” gift. Make sure to use something specific , personal and heartfelt so she knows the gift really is for her.  Cheap and fun options include a copy of her drivers license, a lock of her hair, or candid photos from a great distance.
Cow Tips!
*While it is better to personalize each letter (see above)if you are pressed for time, make photocopies and hand them out on your way to work.
*The effectiveness of a love letter has a lot to do with how other important people of her life respond. Start hanging out with her family members when she isn’t around.
2 Responses to “How To Write A Love Letter To The Girl You Have A Crush On”
  1. so cute i would do that to my boy crush

  2. i miss my boyfriend he broke up with me last night right before prom

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