How To Choose Which Presidential Candidate To Vote For

Here we go, it’s an election year! This of course means it’s that time when all we hear are perpetual discussions about healthcare, the national deficit, and how states like South Carolina and Idaho are “so important.” As a citizen, it’s a stressful period, as there is a lot of pressure to pick the best candidate to lead this wonderful country of ours. No one wants to make a mistake and choose a dud, so here are some ways to make the process as simple as possible.

  1. Find out where the candidates stand on important issues. Figuring out which hopeful shares similar views as you on crucial topics is a great place to start. Some of the key areas to focus on are: the death penalty, Oreos vs Chocolate Chips, the sixth season of Lost, gay marriage, and the Facebook Timeline.
  2. The Hilarity Factor. Any candidate that is frequently lampooned by comedians/satirists/late-night talk show hosts should always be a strong contender for POTUS. Keep an eye on this throughout the election period; who has the best impersonator on SNL, which candidates soundbytes are used most often on The Daily Show, etc. This is an important point to ensure that no matter how dire the country’s situation may be for the next four years, you’ll at least have some great political humor to keep you going.
  3. Talk to the Youth. Recently, the younger generation of this great nation have had a political reawakening, and their influence can certainly swing an election one way or the other. Talk to them, listen to them. Thanks to social media, kids these days are very knowledgable about all sorts of issues, which helps them take well-informed stances. Just take a look at the Youth Campaign Slogan that eventually put President Obama in the White House: “Barack Obama African-American troops home free healthcare Darfur Jay-Z YesWeCan Michelle ew John McCain post racial!!!”
  4. Clooney. Find out who George Clooney is endorsing, and pretty much do the same thing as him.
Cow Tips!
*Stay informed by watching TV, reading the paper, or following Anderson Cooper on twitter.
*Take comfort in the fact that whoever you pick will do nothing he/she promised anyway.

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