How To Beat The Boss On Level Five

Don’t give up and put the game down now. You’ve already come so far, and if you don’t finish you won’t see a resolution to the protagonists romantic arc.  This boss is slightly harder than the boss on level four, but not nearly as hard as the boss on level six, keep that in mind … Continue reading

How To Remain Culturally Relevant

The popular music landscape is constantly changing, and it is harder than ever to turn musical talent into a career. It’s still easy enough to become a one hit wonder (win American Idol, lose American Idol, or be British) but it takes something special to maintain the public’s interest. With a little elbow grease, a … Continue reading

How To Write A Great Resume

It’s rough being a working stiff. But with unemployment numbers being what they are, the economy seemingly stagnant, and workers in India and China stealing our jobs, it’s even tougher being a non-working stiff. After becoming unemployed, the task of getting back into the career-game is long and arduous, often replete with rejection, irritable bowel … Continue reading

How To Address A Business Letter

The modern business landscape is full of rules, unspoken and otherwise, that can be difficult to navigate. When one faux pas could ruin your entire luxury biscuits and gravy line, it’s better to be smart than sorry. Always make sure to properly address all business letters. Don’t use slang. While YOLO certainly is the motto, it … Continue reading

How To Correctly Use The Word “Swag”

In a cultural phenomenon that seemed to pop out of nowhere, the word “swag” has collectively entered the national vocabulary as a word used to describe a variety of situations. When pressed, it’s often found that not one person can seem to agree on the actual definition of the word, causing scholars to further complain … Continue reading

How To Lead A Cult

The search for meaning is a natural human drive that is rivaled only by the drive to fleece suckers and take what isn’t yours.  Fulfill both of these needs by founding what is colloquially known as a cult.  They say only 2 things in life are true, death and taxes, but also 90% of cult/restaurants/cult-run … Continue reading

How To Fit In At A Party Full Of Strangers

Parties are one of the most stressful events a human can experience. Alcohol, music, and reminiscing with friends and family are bad enough, but even worse, you may occasionally be stuck at an event with nary a familiar face. Whether it’s a work event, or the bat mitzvah of a 13 year old you hang … Continue reading

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