How To Save A Life

Where did you go wrong? Somewhere along in the bitterness you lost a friend. We all know you would have stayed up with him/her all night if you had known how to save a life. Now you do.

  1. You say “We need to talk.”
  2. He walks.
  3. You say “Sit down it’s just a talk.”
  4. He smiles politely back at you.
  5. You stare politely right on through.
  6. Let your gaze drift to the window to your right.
  7. Begin to wonder why you came.
  8. Let him know that you know best (cause after all you do know best).
  9. Try to slip past his defense.
  10. Lay down a list of what is wrong (the things you’ve told him all along).
  11. And pray to God, he hears you.
  12. Pray once more for good measure.
Cow Tips!
*An alternative technique.
*This method is also effective with women, simply swap out the pronouns.

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