How To Get Girls

When you see her your heart flutters. When she walks in a room you stop playing Angry Birds. You wish you could knowexactly what to do or say that would make her feel the same way. Now, thanks to the worldwide leader in romance, Unilever, you can!

  1. Lose the flakes. Get the girls. Unfortunately for you, no girl is ever going to look at you twice with all that flaky powder pouring out of your scalp. Luckily the good people of AXE have solved this problem for you. Try AXE Anti-Dandruff and don’t lose the girl to dandruff. It is important to note that the elimination of dandruff is not enough, using non axe-sanctioned products will result in you losing the girl and not experiencing the AXE effect.
  2. Spray more, get more. AXE products fill in where your pheromones fail you. Luckily the axe pheromones create a positive feedback loop with no evidence of diminishing returns. The more you smell like AXE Anarchy (or your favorite Axe scent) the more success you will have with women. A recent study by scientist’s at the Unilever institute demonstrates highly conclusive results concerning the AXE effect.
  3. Unleash the chaos. Women love the pure unadulterated chaos that is complementary fragrances. Purchase a his and her fragrance set from AXE and experience the AXE effect.
  4. Get some hair action. Un-styled and un-gelled hair are the number one turn off’s of women everywhere. Use AXE styling to get the perfect hold and get some hair action. The actual style you choose is irrelevant so long as you use an AXE product and experience the AXE effect.
Cow Tips!
*If it wasn’t clear, the AXE effect is women having sex with you.
*Purchasing and using Old Spice products will have the opposite effect.

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