How To Determine What “Entourage” Character You Are

Without any exaggeration, HBO’s “Entourage” was the most important show on television during it’s 8 season run. It taught legions of kids and adults about the perils of fame, as well as the modicum amount of respect you needed to treat a women with so she would sleep with you. It also changed relationships between groups of male friends, who were no longer afraid to hug each other. One of the major discussions the show sparked was the ongoing debate as to which friend was which character, and it seemed like one of those arguments that would never have any conclusion. However, there is a resolution to this, as this handy guide below will help you match your personality to one of the major characters. LLOYYDDDD!!

  1. You’re the sensitive one, the one who’s a real one-woman man and the best friend any one can ask for. You are probably the last one anyone wants to have their back in a tussle, because you prefer to talk things out. Somehow you get with girls way hotter than you, which means you must have a prettyyyy larggeeee intellect. You are Eric (E).
  2. For some reason, you have this extremely high self-esteem that seems unwarranted. Although you do not really provide much to the group in terms of income or wit, keeping you around seems harmless enough. You are also a few years older than the rest of the crew, and in most cases the least-loved. You are Drama.
  3. You are Adrien Grenier. Are you Adrien Grenier? Bro, why are you still googling “Entourage”? Let go. It’s over. You are Bob Saget.
  4. You are earnest, naive, yet slightly whiny. Although you don’t work, your friends keep you around cause you know people who can get the dankest bud. Sexually frustrated, you also somehow pull females who should be repulsed by your actions and way of speaking. You have a lot of hats, but very little range. You are Turtle.
  5. Your cell-phone is always in your hand when you talk, despite the fact that not many people call you. You are known for taking two curse words and putting them together in one insulting mis-match, while openly questioning people’s sexuality. You actually aren’t part of the crew, but just show up to events to hang out. People hate you. No one sent you this article but you hacked into your “friends” email to see what they’re upto. You are Ari.
  6. You are super hot. You have no name. You are Mrs Ari.
  7. When your friends play this game, you staunchly argue that you are Vince. Even when people stop caring, you continuously campaign to be Vince. You get pissed when people don’t see you as a Vince. You wear v-necks and have bushy eyebrows. One time, you got punched by Eminem. You are Adrien Grenier.
Cow Tips!
*Nah but for real, most of us are characters from the new HBO show “Girls”.
*Yeahhhh Oh Yeahhhhh Oh Yeahhhhhhhh.

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