How To Address A Business Letter

The modern business landscape is full of rules, unspoken and otherwise, that can be difficult to navigate. When one faux pas could ruin your entire luxury biscuits and gravy line, it’s better to be smart than sorry. Always make sure to properly address all business letters.

  1. Don’t use slang. While YOLO certainly is the motto, it certainly isn’t appropriate for any type of business correspondence. When you aren’t sure if a word is appropriate use this rule of thumb: If it appears on it’s fine.
  2. Never raise your voice. Business Letters do not respond to elevated volume. Keep your wits about you, speak calmly, and attempt to get your point across
  3. Stress the positive. Instead of “No Running by the pool!” Try “I’m very impressed that you can run, but please do it elsewhere!”
Cow Tips!
*When you drop your letter off at the post office make sure to comfort it so as to avoid future attachment issues.
*Never use your real return address; instead use the nearest middle school.

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