How To Beat The Boss On Level Five

Don’t give up and put the game down now. You’ve already come so far, and if you don’t finish you won’t see a resolution to the protagonists romantic arc.  This boss is slightly harder than the boss on level four, but not nearly as hard as the boss on level six, keep that in mind when battling.  

  1. Use your inventory. 15% of the way into the game you picked up a thing that you haven’t used yet. Use it!
  2. Look for his weak spot. This Boss is extra hard and nearly invulnerable unless you hit his weak spot. It’s in his foot or head or back or something. Hit it enough times until….
  3. Watch out for his special move. After the pounding you have just unleashed on his weak spot, the boss will try a new tactic. Look out for the things he does! Did you notice the part of the level that looked like it was animated slightly differently???
Cow Tips!
*If you die, you lose.
*If the boss’s health goes to zero, you win.

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