How To Jailbreak An iPhone

Nowadays, it seems that everyone outside of drug dealers has a smartphone to their name, and the big debate that has dominated many a dinner table discussion is the one that pits the iPhone against the Android. While most of the comparisons dwell on features such as internet speed, camera pixels, and reliability, the biggest … Continue reading

How To Tell Whether Someone Meant Pitbull The Rapper or Pitbull A Pit Bull

Just picture it: you are having a great conversation with an old friend, or someone you just met, and then things take a turn for the worse, and you commit one of the ugliest social faux pas of the 21st century. You turn a fun chat about the success of Mr. Worldwide into a nightmare conversation … Continue reading

How To Go Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Procuring groceries requires a clinical attention to detail, a clinical willingness to live with your choices, and the decisiveness of an employee at one of the worlds leading clinics.  The process is fairly simple when money is not an issue (Creamed corn and the most expensive milk money can buy!) but when you need to … Continue reading

How To Become A Popular Indie Band

It is said that over 70% of high school students these days form bands with their friends, but that eventually, 91% of those groups will get involved in a tense hairstyle dispute, and dissolve. Of the select bunch that stick it out, even fewer make it to the big stage, as the music industry is … Continue reading

How To Negotiate A Higher Salary

Whether you are starting a new job, or (more likely) need more income to open another Pizza Hut franchise, being able to negotiate on your own behalf is critical. Asking your boss for more money is going to be an uncomfortable conversation, but no more awkward than the first time you accidentally went on a date … Continue reading

How To Talk Knowledgably About Sports

It’s one thing to BS your way through a casual conversation about TV shows, but it’s a much trickier endeavor to try and feign interest around hardcore sports fans. They are often volatile and short-tempered, and any slip-up in facts or history will lead to a strong tongue-lashing and perhaps even a (friendly) stabbing. If … Continue reading

How To Get A Retweet

“Public acknowledgement for concise wit is the origin of species.” – Charles Darwin  Nature has long been a meritocracy, and the same rules apply to what has been called “the Nature of the internet” — Twitter. If you fail to receive a sufficient number of re-tweets, your twitter DNA will be weeded out of the … Continue reading

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