How To Get In Touch With Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has become a worldwide sensation since the release of her hit song, 2009’s “Sour Candy.” Now days, between touring, promoting her new album, and hanging out with Justin Bieber, her schedule is jam-packed with very little free time left over. How is one possibly meant to contact her if they have something important to say?? Don’t fret friends, here are a few ways which we think may help in getting a hold of her.

  1. Faxes. Though she’s 26, Carly Rae is still very much an old soul. She much prefers the personal touch of a hand-sent fax over the soulless jargon of an email. In fact, faxes were the inspiration behind the single on her debut album, “Fax Me Maybe.”
  2. Beepers. If you have sent Carly Rae a text in the last three years, and you’ve received a response, call the police immediately. CRJ has a well-known aversion to cellular phones, and refuses to own one due to the possible medical problems that arise from constant cell usage. She instead keeps a beeper handy to alert her of important events. Her love of this antiquated device was revealed during her Canadian Idol audition, when she sang an original composition, “IDK How Beepers Work But Beep Me Maybe.”
  3. Messages in a bottle. Having grown up listening to the timeless songs of Fiona Apple and R. Kelly, Rae J will be the first to admit she’s a hopeless romantic. In an popular interview with GQ India published in 2009, Carly said, “I believe in destiny, in karma. I’m the type who believes that if you put a message in a bottle, and throw it in the ocean, it’ll get to whoever it’s meant for.” So try that! This interview led to her appearance on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, with a song titled, “Latika’s Theme / Put A Message In A Coca-Cola Bottle For Me Maybe.”
  4. YouTube Comments. Like all celebrities, CRJ is not above doing research about herself to see what the world is saying. And like all celebrities, she starts with YouTube comments. Often, she’ll see a message addressed to her and will not hesitate to respond back to a passionate fan/racist. This is in fact how she met her boyfriend, known to the media as simply CarlMeMaybe42. It’s rumored that the singer has written a ballad for him to be released as her next single entitled, “Defend Me Against Demi Lovato Fans And People Who Hate Minorities And Watch My Vevo Maybe.”
Cow Tips!
*Other acceptable forms of communication (with her corresponding single for each) are Messenger Owls (“Hedwig Me Maybe”) and AIM (“A/S/L Me Maybe”).
*Carly Rae often adds ‘Maybe’ to the end of her song titles because of her indeciveness and also as a secret tribute to her favorite Arrested Development character, Maeby Funke.

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