How To Survive Without Power

According to the National Bureau of Statistics over 17 people lost power this past week as a result of Hurricane Sandy. If you are one of those 17 or more people you are probably experiencing a feeling of ‘ennui’. Adrift in this life without any of your electronic comforts, with nary a way to look … Continue reading

How To Write An Informative Yelp Review

They say that a life spent judging is a life wasted. But really, who are They, and have They ever been treated with hostility at a three and a half star establishment? As we all know by now, no choice regarding where to eat/drink/sleep/hook-up can be done without a quick Yelp search to aid our … Continue reading

How To Tell If Your New Twitter Follower Is Real

Conventional wisdom would suggest that you should not measure you self worth in online interactions, but conventional wisdom also used to suggest that the world was flat, that a leech to the eye was an effective cure for depression, and that we needed two Hulk movies. Conventional wisdom would also have you believe that men … Continue reading

How To Use Youtube Videos To Impress Your Coworkers

Office politics can mean the difference between owning a boat house and cleaning a house boat (See Keanu Reeves in The Replacements). You might be able to get a leg up on the corporate ladder via showing up early, working hard, and being a competent employee, BUT you will unfortunately have to show up early, … Continue reading

How To Be A TwentySomething

Being in your 20s is hard; it really is, you guys. During this decade, we are supposed to: graduate college, find a job with steady income, date around, ideally find our life partner, start living independently, and begin reading more than just the movie review section of the New York Times. With all this change … Continue reading

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