How To Remember To Update Your Blog

Let’s be real, we’re ALL busy. Every single one of us constantly has around 37 things to do, whether it be filing that report at work, training for that upcoming 5K, or simply remembering to wish your drug dealer a ‘Happy Passover’. Our lives are constantly in flux, and often take us away from the one place on earth where we feel truly safe, our blogs. Blogs can be such wondrous places, where you can share your musings on topics ranging from your thoughts about that cute girl at Starbucks, to just helping random strangers figure out ‘How To’ do basic, everyday things. In order to avoid this disconnect from your safe online haven, here are some ways to stay active and heavy in the blog game.

fingers are VITAL when updating blogs.

  1. Schedule around blog posts. More than 100% of blog inactivity can be blamed squarely on bad scheduling. The key is to create a timetable that has already carved out pockets of time for you to simply blog, with all other activities falling into place around those periods. For example, if you know ABC Family is going to be showing that episode of Gilmore Girls at 8pm where Rory’s father, Christopher, comes back into the picture after leaving Lorelai when she was pregnant at sixteen, and you know that episode makes you emotional thinking about your relationship with your father, then make sure 8pm-1am is taped off for you to express your thoughts / reblog fifteen Nora Ephron quotes.
  2. Fake It Till You Make It. A common problem all us bloggers face is the dreaded case of Writer’s Block. When no creative juices are flowing through your brain, how can you be expected to put out premier content on your public blog? EASY – trick your readers! Remember, your posts don’t have to be Pulitzer-prize winning novellas all the time; the important thing is consistency. A simple picture of a field in Amsterdam, or a link to an article from The Atlantic about race relations in the Post-Obama world are often enough to keep your audience hooked.  You don’t even have to read the article. Simply post it with the comment “#justsaying”, and watch the Favorites stack up.
  3. Remember The Fans. You know how you check your stat counter a few times a week, and you see that you consistently get a lot of views from the Philippines, and you have no idea why, but you’re happy anyways? Well next time you decide to skip a day of blogging, just remember the faces of those avid readers. Just remember how hurt they’ll be to find out that someone who they considered one of American’s preeminent writers doesn’t want to share what Arcade Fire song is the story of their life. Just remember.
Cow Tips!
*People may deride and ridicule you for spending so much time updating your blog, but pay them no heed, and simply point them to the article written about how most contemporary genuises such as Steve Jobs and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson used blogs to hone their writing and analytical thinking skills (this article will be written on your blog, by you).
*If at any point, you do honestly need to shut down your blog for security / professional reasons, tell your followers that your site is being adapted into a TV show / book.

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