How To Avoid Getting “Catfish”-ed

We’ve always thought that the progression of technology and media would make all our lives easier, imagining a world where a simple click of a button could take our socks off after a long day of work, or cook us a nice home-cooked meal (currently, these jobs are done by our dogs). However, one area … Continue reading

How To Properly Network

19% Skill. 13% Understanding. 20% dimples. 8% Pluck. 12% Luck. 4% extra P’s. 24% Kiefer Sutherland. This adds up to a failed recipe for success.  The proper recipe is 100% networking, 0% trans fats. Whether you are trying to improve your place in deep sea architecture, a real profession, or simply raise your status within … Continue reading

How To Use Youtube Videos To Impress Your Coworkers

Office politics can mean the difference between owning a boat house and cleaning a house boat (See Keanu Reeves in The Replacements). You might be able to get a leg up on the corporate ladder via showing up early, working hard, and being a competent employee, BUT you will unfortunately have to show up early, … Continue reading

How To Register To Vote

Due to us all being upstanding citizens living in the World’s Greatest Democracy, we are afforded certain rights that others around the world unfortunately do not have. These include: freedom of speech, freedom to wear skinny jeans, freedom to watch five episodes of Honey Boo Boo back-to-back, and most importantly, freedom to vote. We take … Continue reading

How To Get Into College

The American Dream is changing; the classic vision of home ownership, a white picket fence, a small dog, two and a half kids, at least one slave, a quiet unambitious wife, and the fastest horse money can buy no longer rings true to many Americans (most of these changes can be attributed to women being … Continue reading

How To Get Through Freshman Orientation Week

It’s that time of the year again! As the sun begins to set on summer vacation, millions of kids and young adults alike will begin a new journey into unknown territory. Whether it be high school, college, medical school or defensive driving school, the first five days are your time to get acquainted with your … Continue reading

How To Decide When To Take A Day Off From Work

We’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning, groggy, tired, not well rested in the slightest. And the first thought that crosses your mind is “that was a weird sex dream with Rosie O’Donnell…”. But then the second thought is always, “How the eff can I get out of work today?” The art … Continue reading

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