How To Enjoy This Weekend in NYC

New York is known as the city that never sleeps for a reason. There is a LOT going on. Most of it is shit.  How can you sleep with so much shit going on around you? Answer: You can’t.  There is a guaranteed  surefire, can’t miss way to have a blast in NYC this weekend. Blogologues … Continue reading

How To Write An Informative Yelp Review

They say that a life spent judging is a life wasted. But really, who are They, and have They ever been treated with hostility at a three and a half star establishment? As we all know by now, no choice regarding where to eat/drink/sleep/hook-up can be done without a quick Yelp search to aid our … Continue reading

How To Get To Sesame Street

Modern technology can do many things. We literally put pieces of pigs in humans sometimes, and the humans keep living! You can buy an iPod…FROM YOUR iPOD! Unreal. These life changing bits of tech have also affected the long dormant field of cartography. When looking for geographical guidance, we’ve become accustomed to plugging an address … Continue reading

How To Respond If George Clooney Texts You

Living in the modern world comes with modern problems, and antiquated parables and platitudes will not serve you well.  Newer parables and platitudes will, however, serve you well. In fact, sometimes life serves you lemonade and you aren’t sure exactly what to do with it. Drink it of course! When opportunity knocks, respond to George … Continue reading

How To Get In Touch With Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen has become a worldwide sensation since the release of her hit song, 2009’s “Sour Candy.” Now days, between touring, promoting her new album, and hanging out with Justin Bieber, her schedule is jam-packed with very little free time left over. How is one possibly meant to contact her if they have something … Continue reading

How To Keep Up With The Kardashians

For years, scientists have been confounded with one of the world’s biggest mysteries, performing countless tests and experiments, spending millions of tax-payers dollars, all in an effort to solve the big Q: Why do we care about the Kardashian’s? For five years, we have watched them parade around on our televisions, laughing, crying, copulating, yet … Continue reading

How To Endear Yourself To Howie Mandel

They say that success is when preparation and opportunity meet. But what if preparation was having a really rough morning because he stayed up all night crying and re-watching the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love? What if opportunity is being kind of a bitch for no reason? And then you end up having a When Harry Met Sally type of situation where … Continue reading

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