How To Remember To Update Your Blog

Let’s be real, we’re ALL busy. Every single one of us constantly has around 37 things to do, whether it be filing that report at work, training for that upcoming 5K, or simply remembering to wish your drug dealer a ‘Happy Passover’. Our lives are constantly in flux, and often take us away from the … Continue reading

How To Have A Successful First Date

Every now and then we are honored to have some of our generation’s pre-eminent writers contribute to our little community. Today, we bring you dating advice from Ms. JP, famed date-doctor and love connoisseur, who was the inspiration behind Will Smith’s character in Hitch (also, Hancock). Follow her on Twitter @jp730. —— In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing, … Continue reading

How To Select The Right Gift For Your Loved Ones

Along with trust, compassion, loyalty, and hiding the fact that you’re married, giving someone a thoughtful gift is one of the best ways to show that you care about them. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive item, or the most exclusive object, but like, real talk, that shit helps. Of course, there are … Continue reading

How To Properly Network

19% Skill. 13% Understanding. 20% dimples. 8% Pluck. 12% Luck. 4% extra P’s. 24% Kiefer Sutherland. This adds up to a failed recipe for success.  The proper recipe is 100% networking, 0% trans fats. Whether you are trying to improve your place in deep sea architecture, a real profession, or simply raise your status within … Continue reading

How To Avoid Thanksgiving Cleanup Duty

Thanksgiving is a cornucopia of contradictions. When Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday, he intended it to be a day of giving thanks. But, since Lincoln was Illuminati, he was also sowing the seeds of future sociological strife. Why else does the government require us to spend the day with the most annoying people … Continue reading

How To Turn Water Into Wine

If you are interested in becoming a Saint, you are going to have to either be able to run a 40 yard dash in full pads in under 4.2 seconds, or perform a miracle, and let’s be honest, if you are reading this blog both of those things would be a miracle. Bazinga! (And lets … Continue reading

How To Choose A Tattoo

So you’ve decided to sit in a barber’s chair and let someone stain your epidermis! You’ve cleaned your arm and taken your anti hepatitis medication, and all that’s left now is to select a pattern. This will be the most important decision you make when it comes to “ink & skin” based decisions (other than … Continue reading

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