How To Avoid Getting “Catfish”-ed

We’ve always thought that the progression of technology and media would make all our lives easier, imagining a world where a simple click of a button could take our socks off after a long day of work, or cook us a nice home-cooked meal (currently, these jobs are done by our dogs). However, one area … Continue reading

How To Tell If Your New Twitter Follower Is Real

Conventional wisdom would suggest that you should not measure you self worth in online interactions, but conventional wisdom also used to suggest that the world was flat, that a leech to the eye was an effective cure for depression, and that we needed two Hulk movies. Conventional wisdom would also have you believe that men … Continue reading

How To Get A Retweet

“Public acknowledgement for concise wit is the origin of species.” – Charles Darwin  Nature has long been a meritocracy, and the same rules apply to what has been called “the Nature of the internet” — Twitter. If you fail to receive a sufficient number of re-tweets, your twitter DNA will be weeded out of the … Continue reading

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